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October 19, 2014

Some thoughts from Fr. Mike…


Dear Friends,


When the Pharisees dragged the name of Caesar into their dispute with Jesus, it was a clever attempt to trick Jesus into making some kind of incriminating statement that they would be able to use in order to condemn Jesus.  If Jesus stated that the tax should be paid they would have used it to make Jesus appear as a traitor to his country.  If he had simply said that the tax should not be paid they would have used  that to make him out to be an enemy of Rome and the occupying forces, and that would have landed him in jail.  Jesus is very aware of their malice and wisely sidesteps the issue and chooses to draw attention to the image of Caesar on the tax coin and says, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God.”  Jesus challenges the listeners to take their responsibility to God as seriously as their obligation to the state.  While Jesus does not specify what the dividing line is between of duty to God and our duty to the state, but it is pretty much inferred that neither God’s claim over us or the state’s claim over us, neither should cancel the other out.

As Christians we are members of God’s Family and at the same time citizens of the country in which we live.   At times there may be tensions between the two roles, and in those instances we must make what can be difficult decisions.  For the most part though, our role as Children of God should bring a positive tone to society.  We are each chosen to be the saving hands of Jesus and are called to spread the Good News in different ways and on many levels.  If we are true to our calling, we must acknowledge our responsibility to have an interest in the well-being of society.  Having authentic and sincere concern for the well-being of others/society is a wonderful way that each one of us can give God what is due to God.

We live in an imperfect world, governed by imperfect people, who enact what can be imperfect laws.  When we are faithful to our commitment to God, it automatically benefits society because we will be doing what is right, not for glory, but simply because we are giving God what is due to God.


Peace and prayers,

Fr. Mike

Mass Schedule + Readings

Saturday October- 18   St Luke

(2 Tm 4:10-17b  Lk 10:1-9)

5:00pm        Carol Ann Falcone     r/b John & Tammi Porzl


Sunday October- 19    World Mission Sunday

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

(Is 45:1, 4-6  1 Thes 1:1-5b  Mt 22:15-21)

9:00am          Willie G. Cottiers    r/b Shirley Agosta

11:00am          Maria Cervoni         r/b The Caputo Family


Monday October- 20     St Paul of the Cross

(Eph 2:1-10  Lk 12:13-21)

Joseph Polakowski

r/b Jean & John Semanchick

Tuesday October- 21 Weekday

(Eph 2:12-22  Lk 12:35-38)

9:00am            Sophie Durek  r/b  Karol Durek

Wednesday October- 22    Bl. John Paul II

(Eph 3:2-12  Lk 12:39-48)

9:00am            Special Intention     r/b Theresa  Nugent

Thursday October- 23  St John of Capistrano

(Eph 3: 14-21  Lk 12:49-53)


Friday October -24 St Anthony Claret

(Eph 4:1-6  Lk 12:54-59)

9:00am            Grace Giffen    r/b  Jean & Jill

Saturday October- 25 Weekday

(Eph 4:7-16  Lk 13:1-9)

5:00pm            Gemma Mancini   r/b  Her Family


Sunday October- 26  30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

(Ex 22:20-26  1 Thes 1:5c-10  Mt 22:34-40)

9:00am          Biagio Esposito     r/b  The Esposito Family

11:00am          Sophie Durek     r/b Karen & Ed Bonk

The Sanctuary Candle… this week

Sophie  Durek r/b Karol Durek

To dedicate a Sanctuary Candle in memory of or for the intention of a loved one, Please call the office

@ 732-792-2270. The donation is $10.00.


Prayer Chain Contacts:

Patty Hileman        732-446-7651

Mary Costagliola     732-446-4255


Please Keep in your prayers:

The sick and lonely, the safe return of our service men & women and for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.


Each new day is God’s gift to you.  What you do with it is your gift to God.   


October 12th – $ 8,634.00

Debt Reduction – $ 435.00

Children’s Envelopes – $ 11.40

Thank you for your generosity and

may God bless you for your support!


What’s Happening In The Parish…





On Sunday, October 26th the 11:00AM will be a Children’s Mass.  The homily will be directed toward children.  Children under the age of 12 may also wear their Halloween costume to the 11:00AM Mass (only the 11:00AM Mass).

After the Mass there will be a time of “trick or treating” in the Parish Hall.  Children 12 and over may participate in the trick or treating

(just bring your costume with you).  Be sure to bring a bag, pumpkin or something to collect your treats in.


TREATS FOR TRICK OR TREATING Parishioners are invited to come to the Parish Hall after the 11:00AM Mass to distribute treats to our “Trick or Treaters.”  If you are unable to be present but wish to donate candy/treats, just leave the goodies in the kitchen in the Parish Hall any time before the 11:00AM Mass.



Remember – Religious Education classes resume this week.




Please remember that our food collections are held on the 1st and 3rd weekends of each month.    The next food collection will be on November 1/2.  Non-perishable food items, paper goods and toiletries are in great demand and are appreciated very much.  Thanks for your generosity and support.



Enjoy the glittering splendor of New York City all decked out for Christmas.  The bus will leave St. Joseph Church parking lot at 12:00 Noon on Thursday, December 11 headed for an enjoyable lunch in Little Italy.  After lunch a licensed tour guide will join the bus for a tour that will include Fifth Avenue shops, Rockefeller Center, Macy’s Herald Square and much more.  The cost is $82.00 per person.  Reservations must be made now and seats are limited.  Reservation forms can be found at the entrance of the Church.  For more information contact Rosalie 732-490-5302.




Our High School Youth Group will be starting up again on Friday, November 7.  Come and enjoy some pizza, snacks, conversation and fun.  Invite a friend to come along with you.  We will be talking about events for the year – so come and offer your ideas and suggestions.  All High School Students are invited to the High School Youth Group on Friday, Nov 7 at 7:00PM.



St. Joseph Readers’ Club

The book chosen for our November meeting is Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.  Kline delivers an ambitious and powerful novel:  a story of two different women who build an unexpected friendship – it is a powerful novel of upheaval and resilience, second chances, and of the secrets we carry that keep us from finding out who we are.  Our next gathering is on Thursday, November 6th at 7:30 in the Parish Hall and the theme for refreshments is Scandinavian Food.  New readers are always welcome!!!    Don’t forget to RSVP your attendance to Fran at ambiof@verizon.net.  Happy Reading!





The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process where those who feel called to become members of the Catholic Church can discern God’s call.  The RCIA process is also for anyone who has not completed the Sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation).  Perhaps you know of someone who would be interested in learning more about the RCIA process.  If you know some who may be interested, please ask them.  Many people are just waiting for an invitation – but never hear it.  Maybe you know someone who just needs the seeds to be planted.  RCIA is not a class, it is a journey of faith.  Come and find out!  If you would like more information about the RCIA contact Carol Schulz at the Parish Office 732-792-2270 or email  CSchulzStJoseph@optonline.net.




As a Parish Community we joyfully welcome:

Myla Charlotte Driscoll

Rocco Nicholas Dutka

who were welcomed into God’s family and the family of the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism.  Let us continue to lift them up in prayer.




Children’s Liturgy of the Word gives young parishioners who are in grades Kindergarten through 6th an opportunity to hear God’s Word and reflect on it in a manner that is appropriate to their age.  We offer Children’s Liturgy of the Word at the 9:00AM and 11:00AM Masses on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.  We can use more people willing to help.  If you are interested in finding out more about what this entails, please contact Carol at the parish office 732-792-2270 or cschulzstjojseph@optonline.net.  Please help us continue to offer this to the children of the parish.











All Souls Day is on November 2 and is a day when we remember and lift up in prayer all those who have gone before us.  If you want to have your loved ones remembered at our Masses, just list their names on the All Souls Day remembrance envelope.  All those listed will be prayed for at each Mass during the month of November.  May God grant each one eternal rest in God’s care.



Parents who will have a child baptized are expected to attend a one evening Baptism Preparation session.  Sponsors (Godparents) are invited to attend.  The next session will take place on Friday, November 7th at 7:00PM.

If you will be participating in the preparation session please contact the Parish Office to register.  For questions about Baptismal Preparation please contact the Parish Office.




COME AND JOIN US! Help us give praise to God!  Our Choirs meet on Thursdays, – so, come and join us.  For those ages 6½-10 there is the Children’s Choir.  Singing in the Children’s Choir is fun and is always a blessing to hear.  The Children’s Choir has rehearsal on Thursdays from 5:00PM until 6:00PM.  For those ages 10-14 there is the Youth Choir.  Being par of the Youth Choir gives you a chance to sing some very uplifting songs and helps our celebrations feel alive.  The Youth Choir has rehearsal on Thursdays from 6:00PM until 7:00PM.

For information about the Children’s Choir, the Youth Choir, or Cantors contact Kristine at Kris0373@aol.com or 973-768-4184.

For older teens and adults there is our St. Joseph Choir.  Joining the St. Joseph Choir allows you to use your gifts in a very meaningful way and lets you spend some time with others who love to sing.  The St Joseph Choir rehearses at 7:30PM on Thursdays.  For information about the St. Joseph Choir contact JoAnn at 732-208-2842 or sopranoroy@hotmail.com.

A song is a thing of joy, it is a thing of love. Sing with your hearts, your lips and your lives. Sing to the Lord a new song. – St. Augustine







The Parish accepts donations by credit card (Master Card/Visa).  If you would like to have your donations to the parish billed to your credit card just complete a form (found on the table at the back of the church) and return it to the parish office or go to our website and click on donations.   It’s a great way to support your parish when you are away.  If you have any questions about this, contact Fr. Mike.




One can never underestimate the power of prayer.  As a parish community we pray often for the care of those who need God’s help – it is part of the benefit of belonging to community.  We also have many people who pray for those who ask for prayers and/or are in need of prayers.  There is a prayer chain – as soon as someone asks for prayers an email is sent notifying others about the need – people begin to offer prayers right away.  Other groups in the parish forward the prayer requests as well and before you know it, many people are lifting that person up in prayer.  Of course the Legion of Mary members are always will to pray for others.  We also have our newest ministry in the Parish which is the Prayer Shawl Ministry.  The Prayer Shawl ministry is just getting started, but the intention is that in time the prayer shawls will be available for those who are in need of prayers because of traumatic incidents, grave illness, or serious burdens.  The prayer shawls are given as a reminder that the individual is being uplifted, affirmed, and strengthened through the prayers of others.  Just as God wraps each one of us with arms of love, the recipient of the prayer shawl has an opportunity to be wrapped in the comfort of knowing that they are not alone.  New Prayer Shawl makers are always welcome.



STAY CONNECTED –  “like us” on facebook at

St. Joseph Catholic Church Millstone Twp, NJ or check out our web site www.stjosephmillstone.org or follow on Twitter @frmikestjoseph.


èCalendar of Eventsç

Oct 19   Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Parish Food Collection

12:30PM – Baptisms

6:00PM – Jr. Youth Group Haunted Hayride

Oct 23   5:00PM – Children’s Choir Practice

6:00PM – Youth Choir Practice

7:30PM – St Joseph Choir Practice

7:30PM – Scripture Study

Oct 24   9:30AM – Legion of Mary

10:00AM – Scripture Study

Oct 26   11:00AM – Children’s Mass

12:00PM – “Trick or Treating” in Parish Hall

Nov 2    All Souls Day

Parish Food Collection

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

12:30PM – Baptism

Nov 3    7:00PM – Building & Grounds Committee Meeting

Nov 4    8:00PM – Ladies of St. Joseph Meeting

Nov 7    7:00PM – High School Youth Group

7:00PM – Baptism Prep Session

Nov 9    Hospitality Sunday

Nov 11  7:30PM – Men’s Guild Meeting

Nov 14  7:00PM – Parish Night



Let us praise God in all we do.




Each year we are asked to help support the vital ministries, programs and services that the Diocese of Trenton provides to parishes.  Please consider sharing your faith by making a gift to this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal.  The goal for our parish this year is $39,500.00.  The last report from the Diocese shows that $25,920.00 has been pledged which is 65% of the goal.  Thank you to all who have contributed.  Please help us make the goal by making a contribution to the Annual Appeal by filling out a donation card – you can mail the card to the Diocese or return it to the Parish.  Please make checks payable to the Catholic Annual Appeal. Thank you for your generosity. 



Pope Francis has said:

“Everything is lost with war!  Nothing is lost with peace!” Pray for Peace