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July 27, 2014

Some thoughts from Fr. Mike…


Dear Friends,

     Each person has a different set of values in life.  Some people crave for fame and popularity.  Nothing pleases them more than to be recognized on the street or to have their photograph printed in a newspaper for all to see.  For others the pursuit is for status and respectability in the community.  They are searching for the luxury home, money in the bank and to drive an expensive car.  Their big goal is material goods.  But the readings in our Liturgy today tell us that we need to get our priorities right.  Many married couples find out the hard way that the path to happiness is not found in plush surroundings, but in family unity and the opportunity to have quality time together.  Time spent with children is of more values than earning money to buy toys.   We may live in an age of instant gratification, but raising a family and teaching them how to get along with each other is something that requires a lot of work and patience.  Experience teaches that there are no short cuts in such important matters because anything that is worthwhile cannot be achieved without a great deal of effort. 

     The treasure that is spoken about in the Gospel this weekend is of course referring to our faith and tells us  that we are heirs to the kingdom of God.  Being an heir to the Kingdom of God should be of great importance to us because at the end of the day  worldly matters, values and material good will pale in comparison to what God has promised to us.  Therefore, our search should always be for a good relationship with God. 

      One of the encouraging aspects of the Gospel we hear is that the treasure offered by God can be found in ordinary places.  God is constantly speaking to us in the simplicity of our lives.  After listening to the Gospel passage perhaps we are called to reflect on the value we put on our faith in Jesus.  We can search in vain for happiness to appear in the things of this world – fame, popularity, status, reputation, houses, cars and all the rest or we can invest our time and energy being open to the real treasure that comes from God.  Our real destiny is to share in God’s glory by focusing on the values that have been given to us by Jesus.   


Peace and prayers,

Fr. Mike

Mass Schedule + Readings

Saturday     July- 26     St Joachim and  St Anne

             (Jer 7:1-11  Mt 13:24-30) 

5:00pm       Anna Morin    r/b Her Family

Sunday      July- 27      17th  Sunday in Ordinary Time

                          (1 Kgs 3:5, 7-12  Rom 8:28-30  Mt 13:44-52 or 13:44-46)

 9:00am     Leo Lamb

                      r/b The Dougherty & Lamb Families

11:00am          Grace Giffen  r/b The Dykeman Family 


Monday       July- 28    Weekday

                           (Jer 13:1-11  Mt 13:31-35)

 9:00am            Sophie Durek    r/b  Maryanne & Al Zarbetski

Tuesday      July- 29  St Martha

                           (Jer 14:17-22  Jn 11:19-27)

9:00am            Peter V. Mirenda   r/b   Maryann Roper

Wednesday   July- 30    St Peter Chrysologus

               (Jer 15:10,  16-21  Mt 13:44-46)

9:00am            Mario Cologero

                          r/b Linda & Peter Abrahamsen

Thursday     July- 31   St Ignatius of Loyola

              (Jer 18:1-6  Mt 13:47-53)

                               No MASS   

Friday           August -1   St Alphonsus Liguori

                            (Jer 26:1-9/Mt 13:54-58)

9:00am              Sophie Durek     r/b  Stanley Puzio


Saturday      August- 2

          St Eusebius of Vercelli – St Peter Julian Eymard

                            (Jer 26:11-16, 24  Mt 14:1-12)

5:00pm             Karl Leander   r/b The Ladies of St Joseph

Sunday        August- 3   18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

                             (Is 55:1-3  Rom 8:35, 27-39  Mt 14:13-21)

 9:00am     Michelle MacInnes   r/b  Her Family

11:00am           Maria Cervoni   r/b Joe & Barbara Lizza


                   The Sanctuary Candle… this week

               Ursula & Rafael Durek      r/b    Karol Durek


To dedicate a Sanctuary Candle in memory of or for the intention of a loved one, Please call the office

@ 732-792-2270. The donation is $10.00.

Prayer Chain Contacts:

Patty Hileman        732-446-7651

Mary Costagliola     732-446-4255

Please Keep in your prayers:

The sick and lonely, the safe return of our service men & women and for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.


Life becomes harder for us when we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier.



July 20th – $8,437.50

Debt Reduction – $76.00

Children’s Envelopes – $ 5.75


Thank you for your generosity and

may God bless you for your support!



What’s Going On In The Parish…



This weekend is our Parish’s annual “Mission Appeal. This year, the diocese has assigned to us the Archdiocese of Onitsha (Nigeria). The representative, Rev. Fr. Charles Muorah will be preaching at all of our Masses this weekend telling us about the needs of the people of Onitsha. 

The second collection is for the Church of Onitsha Archdiocese. The proceeds will primarily benefit the training of the seminarians (future priests). If you wish to write a check, please make it payable to St. Joseph Church and add “Mission Appeal” to the memo line. Onitsha Archdiocese is blessed with rich vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa (and the seventh most populous in the world), with about 174 million people in an area that is about 33% larger than the state of Texas. The Onitsha Archdiocese has about 1.7 million Catholics in a general population of about 2.4 million people. 




Please be sure to return your Registration forms for RETURNING students in our Parish Religious Education Program as soon as possible.  If you need a form, please contact the Parish Office.  Remember, it is first come, first served for placement in a class.  Once a class is full, no additional students will be placed in it. 

Thanks for your help.



Registration for new students – those entering 1st grade and those transferring from other Religious Education Programs is now taking place.  You can find registration forms on the table at the entrance of the Church.  A copy of your child’s Baptism certificate is needed.   If transferring from another Religious Education Program, a letter stating the level completed and Sacramental information is also required.  If you have a child entering the 1st grade in September or have a child transferring from another program, please be sure to pick up the registration packet and return it as soon as possible. Thanks. 




Come and join us on Monday, September 15th for our 14th annual Parish Golf Outing at Knob Hill Country Club in Manalapan.  Brochures/Registration Forms for the Golf outing can be found on the table at the entrance of the Church.  The Golf Outing is sponsored by the Men’s Guild of our Parish.  The proceeds from the Golf Outing are used to benefit the Parish and offer assistance to those in need in a variety of ways.  There are also wonderful opportunities for sponsors.  Sponsor information can be found on the Golf Outing Brochure.   For more information about the Golf Outing or Sponsorship Opportunities contact Dave Cerulo 732-792-1838 dcerulo@hess.com or Vince Iuzzolino 732-303-0822 iuzzolino5@optonline.net.



An Anniversary Blessing Mass will be celebrated for couples married for 1 year, 25 years or 50 years on Sunday, October 19 at 3:00PM at St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Freehold with Bishop O’Connell as the celebrant.  If you plan to attend, you must register by September 20thContact the Parish Office for a registration form. 


Have you thought about sharing your faith with the children of the Parish?  We are in need of volunteers to serve as Catechists or Aides in our Parish Religious Education Program.  Consider sharing part of the faith journey of the young people of the parish.  For information contact Jean at the Parish office 732-792-2270 – jeanstjoseph@optonline.net, or contact Fr. Mike.  Please pray for our Religious Education Program.  Thanks!



We are planning a bus trip to the 9-11 Memorial in New York on September 22.  There is limited seating.  The cost will be $99.00 per person.  The price includes:

  • Round trip transportation
  • Sit down meal for lunch
  • Step on tour guide

(will show places of interest pertaining to 9-11 events)

  • Entrance to the Museum
  • All gratuities except bus driver

To reserve your spot or if you have questions call Greg – 732-446-5474 or Rosalie- 732-490-5302. 





Enjoy the glittering splendor of New York City all decked out for Christmas.  The bus will leave St. Joseph Church parking lot at 12:00 Noon on Thursday, December 11 headed for an enjoyable lunch in Little Italy.  After lunch a licensed tour guide will join the bus for a tour that will include Fifth Avenue shops, Rockefeller Center, Macy’s Herald Square and much more.  The cost is $82.00 per person.  Reservations must be made now and seats are limited.  Reservation forms can be found at the entrance of the Church.  For more information contact Rosalie 732-490-5302. 



Please remember that our food collections are held on the 1st and 3rd weekends of each month.    The next food collection will be on August 2/3.  Non-perishable food items, paper goods and toiletries are in great demand and are appreciated very much.  Thanks for your generosity and support. 



The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process where those who feel called to become members of the Catholic Church can discern God’s call.  The RCIA process is also for anyone who has not completed the Sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation).  RCIA meets in the Fall through Easter.  If you would like more information about the RCIA please contact Carol Schulz at the Parish Office 732-792-2270 or email  CSchulzStJoseph@optonline.net



The next selection for the Readers Club will be Dark Invasion 1915 by Howard Blum. Combining the pulsating drive of Showtime’s Homeland with the fascinating historical detail of such narrative nonfiction bestsellers as Double Cross and In the Garden of Beasts, Dark Invasion is Howard Blum’s gritty, high-energy true-life tale of German espionage and terror on American soil during World War I, and the NYPD Inspector who helped uncover the plot.  We will meet on Thursday, August 14 at 7:30PM in the Parish Hall for discussion.  The theme for refreshments will be New York street vendor food. If you are coming please RSVP to Fran Ambiofran@optimim.net.  All are invited to participate. 



The choirs will be taking their normal break during the summer months and will be back in swing in September.  We thank all those who volunteer in our Music Ministry.  Everyone in the Parish is invited to participate in our Music Programs.  Think about getting involved in Children’s Choir, Youth Choir, the St. Joseph Choir or playing instruments.  Think about getting involved and lending your voice and ability to praising God. 

A song is a thing of joy, it is a thing of love. Sing with your hearts, your lips and your lives. Sing to the Lord a new song.St. Augustine

For information about the Children’s Choir,

the Youth Choir, or Cantors contact Kristine at Kris0373@aol.com or 973-768-4184. 

For information about the

St. Joseph Choir contact JoAnn at 732-208-2842 or sopranoroy@hotmail.com



Parents who will have a child baptized are expected to attend a one evening Baptism Preparation session.  Sponsors (Godparents) are invited to attend.  The next session will take place on Friday, August 8 at 7:00PM.

If you will be participating in the preparation session please contact the Parish Office to register.  For questions about Baptismal Preparation please contact the Parish Office. 



Each year we are asked to partner with the Annual Catholic Appeal to help support the vital ministries, programs and services that the Diocese of Trenton provides to the parishes of Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer and Burlington Counties.    Please consider sharing your faith by making a gift to this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal.  Your generosity combined with the generosity of people throughout the Diocese of Trenton helps to build our Church. 

     Each Parish is given a goal to reach by the Diocese and the goal for St. Joseph Parish this year is $39,500.00.  The latest report from the Diocese shows that $22,575.00 has been pledged which is 57% of the goal.  Thank you to all who have contributed.  Please help us make the goal by making a contribution to the Annual Appeal.         

     To make a donation to the Annual Catholic Appeal pick up a donation card and fill it out.  You can mail the card to the Diocese or return it to the Parish.  Please make it payable to the Catholic Annual Appeal. Thank you for your generosity and the support you give our parish. 


STAY CONNECTED –  “like us” on facebook at

St. Joseph Catholic Church Millstone Twp, NJ or check out our web site www.stjosephmillstone.org or follow on Twitter @frmikestjoseph.   





    èCalendar of Eventsç


July 27    Mission Appeal

July 31   5:00PM – Legion of Mary

Aug 3     Parish Food Collection

               12:30PM – Baptism 

Aug 4      Vacation Bible School

Aug 5      Vacation Bible School

Aug 6      Vacation Bible School  

Aug 7      Vacation Bible School

Aug 8      Vacation Bible School

                 7:00PM – Baptism Preparation Session

Aug 14     7:30PM – Readers’ Club

Aug 15    Feast of the Assumption

                Parish Office Closed

                9:00AM – Mass

                7:00PM – Mass

Sept 15    Golf Outing

Sept 22    Religious Education Classes Begin


Let us praise God in all we do.




The Parish accepts donations by credit card (Master Card/Visa).  If you would like to have your donations to the parish billed to your credit card just complete a form (found on the table at the back of the church) and return it to the parish office or go to our website and click on donations.   It’s a great way to support your parish when you are away.  If you have any questions about this, contact Fr. Mike.




One of the greatest gifts we can offer to children is to help them discover a personal relationship with Jesus so that they are not deceived by the false values of this world.  Our Children’s Liturgy of the Word tries to help the children learn what Jesus offers by giving then an understandable message about the Scripture.  We are in need of more volunteers for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word when it resumes in September.  Think and pray about how you might be able to use your time and talent to help the young people of the parish draw closer to Jesus.  A little of your time can be a real blessing to one of our little ones.